RealTime World Employees Not Getting Last Set of Wages, Benefits

In a very quick time, RealTime Worlds has gone from an  exciting new MMO entrant to smoking crater in the ground, all fueled by over $100m in investor capital. At launch they managed to pick up 130 000 odd players, but that obviously wasn’t enough because the money is gone.

In fact, it is so gone that all of those rentrenched RTW people aren’t going to be paid their remaining wages or benefits (which may change during the administration process, but generally paying employees is a long way down the debtor “To Do” list and is heavily dependent on someone buying APB / RTW’s assets).

Given that APB only launched about 66 days ago, this has to mean that RTW was running on financial fumes and expected APB’s sales to be so fantastic that they’d inevitably pull the studio out of a deep hole. I can only imagine how many units were expected to shift in order to achieve that goal – a goal they obviously fell well short of.

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