APB: Advertising Over VOIP

Something I hadn’t heard of before: advertising over VOIP. Particularly in a MMO. Especially in a MMO that charges a box cost and subscription fee to play.

Kudos then, I guess, to APB for being so creative. You can pay to turn it off by paying for Vivox Premium services, or alternatively use a different VOIP application.

A lot of the criticism for this move has been made by players – they don’t want to pay a box cost and sub fee but then still hear one ad every three hours over VOIP. As such, I’ll play the contrarian role: which advertiser really thinks that one ad every three hours is worth their money? That’s a long time between ad exposures on a per player basis (event assuming that only one advertiser had an exclusive arrangement so were played 100% of the time, which I don’t believe is the case).

It’s a cute experiment and one that will be a bit more important when APB goes free-to-play, but this is a system that doesn’t make player or advertiser happy.

One thought on “APB: Advertising Over VOIP

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