THQ Truth Or Lies An Even Chance

THQ has announced something a bit different – a video game that will be able to tell if you are telling the truth or lying simply by analysing your voice. Helpfully enough, they’re calling it Truth or Lies.

Apparently it has a “proprietary voice calibration system” that will analyse stress levels in a player’s voice to determine how factual they are being.

Wonder if THQ has managed to find a way around the issue that such vocal stress analysis systems have no better than 50% (so: even chance) of being accurate? I’m guessing not.

However, Truth or Lies will have the same kind of bogus pipeline effect where people playing the game will be more likely to tell the truth because they believe the game will be able to tell if they are lying.

Still… hours of fun when the game gets the response to “Have you ever cheated on your partner?” question wrong. (Or right. But, if you are going to be convicted of a crime, you should have at least done the offence you are suffering for!)

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