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Crunch Time Is Wrong, But Gee This Game Is Fun!

GameSpot’s Andrew McMillen has an article up on the working conditions of game developers and why gamers should care. but unfortunately is misses its topic on a few levels and fails on its most important point – making gamers care. The first issue with the article are the games used to showcase extensive crunch times (“crunch” … Continue reading

THQ Truth Or Lies An Even Chance

THQ has announced something a bit different – a video game that will be able to tell if you are telling the truth or lying simply by analysing your voice. Helpfully enough, they’re calling it Truth or Lies. Apparently it has a “proprietary voice calibration system” that will analyse stress levels in a player’s voice … Continue reading

Black Eyes Before Debut for Warhammer 40K

With the Warhammer 40K MMO from Vigil Games debuting at E3 this year, I’m sure that publisher THQ wanted a nice clear run at building some heat for this title. Warhammer Online from Mythic is dying a slow death – WAR is shutting down in parts of Asia and there is plenty of consolidation on … Continue reading