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Duke Nukem Forever: Taking Tits To Task

Or in this case, one tit in particular: President and CEO of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford. Eurogamer conducted an interview with Pitchford a few weeks ago covering Gearbox’s generally poorly received 2011 title Duke Nukem Forever. In the interview he made a few comments worth evaluating: On why Duke Nukem Forever was a polarising title: … Continue reading

The Unplayed Gaming List – May 2012

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated what I’ve played and what sits on my shelf, staring balefully at me. Dispatched The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (X360): If anyone says, “You can’t put almost 130 hours into a game that you don’t enjoy!” point them this way, because despite spending that amount of time … Continue reading

The Unplayed Gaming List – January 2012

Xmas has come and gone. The Xmas and post-Xmas sales have come and gone. Time to update the unplayed gaming list. Dispatched Bayonetta (X360): Finished this on Normal difficulty, started again on the next harder difficulty and have shelved the game after running into a roadblock at a particular Alfheim Portal. Might come back to … Continue reading

Ruminations on Duke Nukem

I’ve been thinking a bit about the character of Duke Nukem recently following the critical cratering of Duke Nukem Forever’s launch. In some ways I did the safe thing – wait until DNF came out, saw how bad the review scores were, now write something – but I felt the same way before DNF came … Continue reading

We Need More Adult Games

Recently I read an article that wanted more truly adult movies. Not adult in the “more swearing, more boobs, more close-up shots of exit wounds in slo-mo”, but adult in the sense that they require some maturity and engagement to understand, adult in that they aren’t scared in the use of silence. I thought of … Continue reading