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Great MMO Company Collapses of Our Time – RealTime Worlds

If you selected this option, congratulations – you decided to back RealTime Worlds! RealTime Worlds Game That Destroyed Them: All Points Bulletin (APB) Studio Launch Date:  Early 2002 Studio Closure Date: September 2010 Invested In By: Private investors Estimated Money Blown: Over US$100m Cause of Death: Spending all the budget before the game had even launched, … Continue reading

Marvel Heroes: Facing Legends, Alliances and Devils

One MMO story that very quickly subsumed by recent events was that Marvel Heroes (MH) actually released some real information about itself. Headed by Diablo developer David Brevik, Marvel Heroes will be a Diablo-style MMO… just like Gazillion’s other output, the now-closed Fortune Online and kid-oriented Super Hero Squad Online. Looks like Gazillion has a … Continue reading

City of Heroes / Villains: A Limited Bounce

When the first quarter of financial data landed following City of Heroes / Villains conversion to a free-to-play model, it showed a positive-if-only-moderate bump from 2812 million Won (or US$2.41m) in Q3 2011 to 3435 million Won (or US$2.97m) in Q4 2011. Going F2P saw about a 20% jump in revenue. It certainly wasn’t in … Continue reading

The Secret World: Fighting The Previous War

There has been one MMO that I’ve been interested in for a long time and that’s The Secret World (TSW). I joined the forum back in June 2007, but my account had issues with posting in threads, plus I’ve long since got over my interest in taking part in the “wouldn’t it be cool if…”-style … Continue reading

An Update That Promises Further Updates

So NCsoft’s Q4 2012 earning results are out now and although City of Heroes / Villains saw an increase in revenue after going F2P, it isn’t the huge jump you might expect to see. This could be one of the reasons why Paragon Studios has made the move of introducing variable ratio randomised rewards you … Continue reading

Reviewing My 2011 MMO Predictions

Time to see how right I was back when I wrote the following predictions about how things would turn MMO-wise in 2011. F2P titles continue to enter the market and other existing MMOs are likely to join them. Warhammer Online is a distinct possibility, as are titles in the position of Vanguard and Fallen Earth: … Continue reading