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Great Moments in Game Journalism: A Stone-Throwing Contest in A Greenhouse

Great Moments in Game Journalism: A Stone-Throwing Contest in A Greenhouse

In the rush to blame Laurent Wainwright for destroying game “journalism” forever, there seems to be a large issue overlooked: Rob Florence could have written the entire article and not ever mention Wainwright. Or if he mentioned her, he could have said, “And here’s the kind of gaming press attitude I’m talking about, the one that can’t even see the problem”. He didn’t need to mention his suspicions and doubts based purely on a single other tweet. Continue reading

The Secret World: Half As Successful As Conan

According to a Google-translated-so-oddly-worded article, Funcom’s The Secret World (TSW) is a flop. It has sold only about half the number of boxes that Age of Conan (AoC) did – historically it appears that around 1 million AoC boxes were shipped at launch for sales of around 800k. So: 400k sold, and no idea how … Continue reading

The Hitman: Absolution Trailer Experiment

I’ve got an experiment for you – one that you can do in your very own home! Go find someone who isn’t that familiar with video games, or at least the Hitman series. Make sure they are aged 18 and over so that you don’t violate any state or Federal laws. Sit them down and … Continue reading

UnPopularity Contest – KickStart It!

As mentioned earlier, I’m going to start creating video for this blog if / when I get the time. And for my first attempt: KickStart It! What’s an UnPopularity Contest? I’m going to be creating videos on things from a viewpoint that probably won’t be popular with a broader public, but it will be viewpoints … Continue reading

GJAIF: Not Wanted, But Desperately Needed

Back in January, Game Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits (GJAIF) (also called GameJournos for a while) ended its run. Ben Paddon, the man behind it, called it quits after nearly two years because his “heart just isn’t in it anymore” and is moving on to other things. This is sad, because GJAIF – or something like … Continue reading