Rift: Sign Language with Scott Hartsman

I like the new Rift ad for Storm Legion. No, not the one with the woman in the chainmail bikini, but the one where Rift’s Exective Product Scott Hartsman flips around a card that answers a player’s question.

Which got me thinking: this is how Scott Hartsman should communicate from now on.

The card says, "I don't know who you are, but I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.

Scott Hartsman’s new “firm but fair” approach to trolling on the Rift forums was well received.

The card says, "I have the head of Professor X, the body of the Hulk and the bank account of Tony Stark. Ladies."

Scott Hartsman sets his dating profile picture.

The card says, "What two doctors and $200m couldn't create, I was able to build in a cave with a box of scraps."

Scott Hartsman points out that other MMO companies should Bio-beWare.

The card says, "I once shot a man, just so our artists understood what I meant by "realistic death animations"".

Scott Hartsman’s dedication to small details is unprecedented.

The card says, "When the marketing guys told me about this ad idea, I told them it would be used against me. "Don't be ridiculous", they said."

Scott Hartsman is precient.

The card is blank.

Use it wisely.

3 thoughts on “Rift: Sign Language with Scott Hartsman

    • The screenshot is from one of those flash ads. You could look around to find one that doesn’t have that, I guess, or just trim the image to remove that bit.

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