UnPopularity Contest – KickStart It!

As mentioned earlier, I’m going to start creating video for this blog if / when I get the time. And for my first attempt: KickStart It!

What’s an UnPopularity Contest?

I’m going to be creating videos on things from a viewpoint that probably won’t be popular with a broader public, but it will be viewpoints that I agree with (at least in part). For instance: Kickstarter. It’s a service that I think has a great role to play in linking crowds with potential creative projects … except for video games, where I feel that the required development budgets being asked for BEFORE game development has even started is a high risk move. On top of that is the tendency for gamers to throw money at projects based on very scant information provided the correct buzzwords are used and / or the ‘right’ devs are involved, which also will potentially open the door to a lot of disappointed Kickstarter pledgers down the road.

Hence the video.

Future UnPopularity Contests won’t be in this style won’t be in this style, but it felt right to me to be sarky in an infomercial-style video on this topic.

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