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Ruminations: The Dark Knight Rises

“The Dark Knights Rises” will get a lot of “it was good, but…” style reviews. Due to what it is, the film came burdened with a lot of expectations and not all of those could be met. This shouldn’t overshadow that it is a good movie, a 5 out of 5 stars within the superhero / comic book film pantheon. Continue reading

Some Rare Kind Words about Zune

I can’t actually ever remember anyone outside of Microsoft saying anything nice about Zune. People aren’t always unkind, but most comments are in the polite-without-being-rude area of “but you can do so much better”. Which is why it feels odd to say something nice about Zune, especially when I’m going to say they have the … Continue reading

Why Marvel Studios Needs to Pay Up

I like superhero films. As such, I definitely appreciate that the genre is going through a good patch where budgets allow for some pretty impressive representations of what happens on the page. A sign of this change in focus has been the creation of Marvel Studios – for years Marvel was content to sell their … Continue reading

James Cameron Will Shed No Tears Over Me

I saw “Avatar” a while back. On one hand, it is a beautiful film and one where someone has tried (and mostly succeeded) in creating another world. Ironically, the largest area where the world falls down is among the human environment, which leads into… On the other hand, “Avatar” has some incredibly ordinary work on … Continue reading

Trivial Things I Hope Don’t Happen In 2010

Star Trek Online launches too early. I know I’m going to be disappointed here. Cryptic Studios announces another title in development. Seriously, work with the ones you’ve got for 12 months. The “Barbarella” remake happens. Dear me, but I HATE that movie so much. “Iron Man 2” isn’t as good as the first one. It … Continue reading