Post #400

On August 9 2013 WordPress let me know that it had been four years since I started this blog. This was my first post.

It's the number 400.

That’s a lot of time spent complaining about things I can’t change. (Image sourced from: Wikimedia Commons)

On top of the anniversary I missed, this post happens to also be my 400th on this blog. I had thought about doing some sort of retrospective, but that’s just introspective navel-gazing that wouldn’t interest anyone. Nor is reaching post 400 something I really want to celebrate; it’s just a thing.

I have thought for a while that the future of blogging (well, my blogging) requires the creation of more video content. I can write 4000 words on how Bioshock: Infinite is one of the most overrated games released this year, but a 3 minute video would have been able to show rather than tell the same thing and probably be more interesting too. So moving forward I’m going to try to do something along those lines. For a while I’ve wanted to critique that Polygon launch ‘documentary’ that Microsoft funded. That came out a year ago and was filled with unintended hilarity worth mining.

I’ll also be going back to my Kickstarter analysis and looking at 2012 in its entirety. How many successful video game Kickstarters from 2012 actually gave their backers what was indicated?

This takes time, of course. I’m stuck with the busy blogger’s dilemma: do I do a few long posts, or lots of smaller, less time-intensive posts? The latter is the way to success and readers, given that blogs are only as relevant as their newest content. On the other hand, I’m never going to be the next Gawker or Kotaku or “Here’s Ten Pictures of LOLcats in Video Games We’ve Linked From Another Site” kind of author. Or at least, I hope I’m not.

Unless it pays well. If that’s the case, I’ll sell out for the dollars and write about how awful it is for video game publishers to not act in the best interest of gaming while collecting as much free swag as possible.

After all, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Anyway, here’s to the future: it comes to us all, ready or not…

6 thoughts on “Post #400

  1. Good job!

    Regarding your dilemma I’d suggest you write the posts you want to write. You’re not getting paid for them. There are a number of people who post infrequently but when they do it’s very interesting (Wolfshead, Broken Toys).

    I have Vicarious Existence in my blog’s sidebar so if there’s a new post you are on view until 10 other people post. But if you didn’t post for 6 months you’d still stay on my blog list because I only clear out people I’ve consciously decided not to follow any more, the system itself takes care of inactives by scrolling them off the visible list. So I don’t think you’ll get removed from many blogrolls just because you pick quality over quantity.

  2. Here’s the traditional response I give nearly everyone on the anniversary of their blog: lol, n00b. 😉

    My solution is to post when you see fit. I tend to prefer longer but meatier posts, myself. But, I’m not afraid to read (and post comments on) a blog post a few days after it’s posted, obviously. 😉 I also prefer text to video, since I can take text in chunks and be interrupted, whereas video tends to demand all my attention.

    Then again, I’m probably not the average blog reader or writer. 😉

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