City of Heroes: Old Clients

A CD that has been through a fight with a microwave.

The original CDs are long gone by now. (Image sourced from: Wikipedia)

I was going through a box of CDs a few weeks ago and came across two beta clients for City of Heroes that I’d downloaded. I’m not sure how useful they’ll be for anyone, but for those who are interested here are some links to them in my Dropbox:

City of Heroes Client dated 26 January 2004

City of Heroes Client dated 30 January 2004

I’m going to delete these at some point to free up some space, so if you are interested grab them now. If you do happen to download them, please leave a comment so that any future people looking for these files after I’ve deleted them could possibly follow up with you.

4 thoughts on “City of Heroes: Old Clients

    • They came very close to being deleted, but I thought that someone, somewhere, might find them useful.

      I’d be curious to know what use / help they were.

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