Steam Controller: Just As I Guessed

In writing about the SteamOS and Steam Machine plans laid out by Valve, I mentioned how if Valve wanted to allow PC players to game from the convenience of their couch, then they’d have to develop a controller that provided the same keyboard and mouse (K+M) input experience.

Which is exactly what Valve have shown to the market.

Valve's Steam Controller. It's black on a black background.

It may just be me, but the Steam Controller looks like it is only half complete with all that empty space. (Image Source: IGN)

It’s a smart move by Valve and the most innovative thing they’ve mentioned during their big announcements week. However, the key question remains: how well does this controller let you play PC games from your couch? If it isn’t up to scratch, PC gamers will stick the already-working-perfectly-well option of K+M at their desks and the Steam Machine offer won’t be nearly as attractive.

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