Blog Quiet On Account of Something Something

I’ve meant to blog. I really have.

People running a half-marathon. Lord knows why you'd do that to yourself.

I’m going to be doing this, just with less sweating and more words. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

But other things have taken the time away. I went for a near month-long holiday, but that meant doing a lot of work beforehand (so that I could take the holiday) and then after (to catch up from everything I missed while on holiday).

Then there’s the paradox of games blogging, which is that it takes time away from your actual gaming, yet you should be gaming if you want to blog. So I’ve gamed when I could have blogged.

(I’ve also watched seasons 1 to 3 of Breaking Bad, as is the style of the time. All games and no TV make Homer something something, to mash together several statements of vague relevance.)

Now to shake myself from that blog-slumber: in the next 14 days, I’ll put up 14 blog entries. I expect the rule of diminishing returns to come into play, but it’s important to get back in the habit, and what better way than overdosing?

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