Kinect: One Track Mind

A Kinect for the Xbox 360.

“I like to watch… and my hearing isn’t too good.” (Image from:

With all the attention on the in-built Kinect that comes with the not-yet-released Xbox One, I’m hoping that this next version is able to keep its mind out of the gutter. The one I currently have has certain… preoccupations.

I’ve started to use the Kinect voice controls when getting the Deux Ex: Human Revolution DLC. “Xbox Bing Deus Ex,” I said.

After a moment’s pause, my Xbox 360 comes back with, “Searching: ‘gay sex'”.

I was laughing too hard to correct it, so I’ll have to note that if you are searching for gay sex on your Xbox 360 you are going to be disappointed with the selection.

A few weeks later I’m looking to get the free Xbox Live Gold title, which was Defence Grid at the time. “Xbox Bing Grid Defence,” I say, having forgotten what the game was actually called.

That pause, then, “Searching: ‘group sex'”.

Good luck in mining that as part of your big data, Microsoft.

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