Great Moments In Game Advertising: I’m Romancing What, Exactly?

I accidentally clicked on a F2P ad while reviewing my 2012 MMO predictions and came across this image:

If you can't see the image, the hearts meant to show you "Creating Your Own Romance" has the hearts around the horses, not the people riding them.

Is it just me, or are the horses more interested in creating romance between each other than the people are, based on where the love hearts are coming from? Or are the horses interested in each others’ riders? Is this some kind of kinky swinging horse play game?

In my defence, I’ve been painting all day and have inhaled A LOT of enamel and mineral turpentine fumes.

4 thoughts on “Great Moments In Game Advertising: I’m Romancing What, Exactly?

    • Just like several hundred other Chinese MMOs / video games. 😉

      Still, I suppose the use of that mythology within those MMOs / titles is much like the high medieval fantasy favoured by Western developers and players – known, full of heroes and villains plus lots of potential for big fights.

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