Point / Counterpoint: BioWare Before and After EA

With the news that BioWare founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzkya both announced their retirement from that company, it’s only fair to do a before and after.

Before EA:

What nice, clean cut young men against a white background.

“All we want to do is make fun games for you to enjoy!”


After EA:

Hardened Muzkya and Zeschuk, apparently in prison

“If you mention the ending of Mass Effect 3 one more time, WE WILL TAKE TURNS STABBING YOU.”

One thought on “Point / Counterpoint: BioWare Before and After EA

  1. I still remember these guys when they were working for Interplay before they went public. Interplay’s greatest mistake was to go public without setting shareholder expecations. Within only a few years all of its management had been ousted and the new managers did not care for the fact that games are expensive multi-year projects with limited rates of success.

    Screwing over Bioware (and later Volition) by not paying them what their contract was owed was basically what killed them as a publisher.No other development houses wanted to work with them anymore.

    I’m going to miss these guys- I’ve been a fan of their work since Baldur’s Gate. Hopefully they get restless and bored again and start another studio. Being bored is how they got started in the first place, after all…

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