Great Moments in Game Advertising – Celebrity Journalism And Gaming Journalism Collide; Results Not Pretty

Three issues with this particular article about Christina Hendricks being a character in EA’s Need for Speed: The Run.

1) The article itself. Yes, it probably is the first time a woman’s boobs have been downgraded in a video game versus real life, but comments like “Christina’s boobs are, like, totally the best thing about her (besides her brain, of course)! Why the hell wouldn’t you show off those beauties” are just insulting. 

2) Spot the problem in the following sentence:

“Instead, Christina’s character, Sam Harper, the heroin of the new Need For Speed: The Run game, is all manly, square-ish and covered up in a boring leather jacket!”

10 points if you saw that “heroin” is not the right word in this sentence (and really takes on a different meaning alongside “Need for Speed” if you didn’t know it was a racing game). Pick apart the sentence construction in your own time.

3) Having seen the image they are talking about, I completely agree that it looks like they got a known actor in for the part… but that actor was Robert Pattinson and then they slapped a red wig on him.

Christina in real life; Robert-Pattinson-as-Christina in Need for Speed: The Run.

Help! I've fallen into the uncanny valley and I can't get out!

3 thoughts on “Great Moments in Game Advertising – Celebrity Journalism And Gaming Journalism Collide; Results Not Pretty

  1. I saw this pic on another site and thought it was a coincidence. I didn’t realize they were serious about it being her….because the artist failed miserably. I have to agree with you, They are basing it off of the red hair alone and i am willing to be that isn’t her natural hair color….But as a man, I would never ask her what her true color was. I have noticed that “game journalism” is almost as big an oxymoron as “military intelligence”. From almost all the “professional” gaming site, they have turned more into “paid game advertisers” and they have no clue what journalism is. That being said, any hack fanboi can write a “review” and as such you get the spelling and grammar issues.

    Thanks again for the good reads
    The Fur

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