Did Bill Roper Get A Golden Handshake?

This is me combining two different bits of information that may actually not be related.

  1. Bill Roper is leaving Cryptic Studios. He joined as the Executive Producer on Champions Online before being promoted into the role of Chief Creative Officer. Roper claims he’s leaving to explore new opportunities.
  2. Back when Infogrammes / Atari bought Cryptic, August 2010 was identified as a key bonus payout period, pending Cryptic hitting (or exceeding) certain targets.

So, is Roper leaving, having received a bonus cheque from Atari? Or is it exit stage right because that bonus cheque is not coming? Or is he leaving for entirely different reasons?

I can’t see anything on the Atari Corporate site yet, but if Cryptic did get their bonus I’d expect it to pop up there.

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