“2012” – Roland Emmerich Destroys America

Saw a preview screening last night. Excellent destruction porn – should be called “Roland Emmerich Destroys America”. Has a quite a few disaster movie cliches and ultimately you want to see the Russian twins die just because, but it keeps going at a fair enough clip that you generally get over it. Well acted too from some roles – John Cusak delivers his everyman persona, Chiwetel Ejiofor is solid despite some awful dialogue. Oliver Platt phones it in (he used to be so good in my opinion, but that seems so long and so many kilos ago) but although he’s meant to be the ‘evil’ guy, it is hard to argue with a lot of what his character says about how things have to happen, so he delivers it well. Some of the accents are terrible though.

Biggest problem? Length. It’s 2.5 hours. It’s also got every single disaster film in it – a ship overturns, volcanoes erupt, things fall in sinkholes, etc, so no disaster category is left unturned. Past a certain point I started to suffer disaster burnout.

Probably the best role in the film is Woody Harrelson’s nutball. He’s just fun. Also I don’t know who the American Captain is, but I got a kick out of his Grand Admiral Moff Tarkin vibe.

If you want to you could pick the movie to pieces, but I just enjoyed things falling down / blowing up.

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