I Suck At This

I’m new to WordPress, so apologies to anyone who’s comment disappeared in the spam filter until I looked at it just now!

So that there is some meat to this post: the last two console games I’ve played were Batman: Arkham Asylum and Prototype. Both have similar elements – superhero theme, fighting waves of bad guys at points, lots of running and jumping and hiding (less so, for Prototype) and both have special challenge events.

I much prefer Batman: AA. It was shorter, but the more concentrated game experience is a lot more fun. Although the sandbox experience of Prototype starts out with more potential, I’m at the point in the game where (having achieved Gold ratings in all the events I’ve locked thus far and am within sight of the final missions) I’m bored with the casual mass murder aspect. I’ve killed thousands, with tens of thousands more infected to go before I unlock a particular Xbox Achievement.

Batman: AA’s special challenge events were also more fun, partly because I didn’t get tired of them. In Prototype I’ve done so many of them – and there are still a few more to go – that it has helped me tire of the game.

I’ll keep going with Prototype and finish it. I may even last long enough to get the full set of Achievements. But Batman: AA is far and away more interesting as a title, even given its incredibly stupid ending parts. I’ll wait and see how stupid well-scripted Prototype’s ending is, but it would have to be a helluva thing to improve the story at this point.

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