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Bitching About Odd Narrative Things In Batman: Arkham City

I completed Batman: Arkham City (B:AC) recently, including the Catwoman DLC narrative content. There’s been a bit of controversy about the game’s narrative, but I wanted to experience things first hand before commenting on them (which is unusual on the internet, I know, and I promise it won’t become a trend). There will be SPOILERS … Continue reading

I Suck At This

I’m new to WordPress, so apologies to anyone who’s comment disappeared in the spam filter until I looked at it just now! So that there is some meat to this post: the last two console games I’ve played were Batman: Arkham Asylum and Prototype. Both have similar elements – superhero theme, fighting waves of bad … Continue reading

Commitment in $10 lots

I pre-ordered both Champions Online (PC) and Batman: Arkham Asylum (X360) today. $10 down on each as a guarantee that I’ll get the game. Almost bought Mass Effect, but realised I still have Gears of War 2 that I borrowed off a friend that needs to be completed, then Prototype off my brother.