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Following Up on Fallen Earth’s Restructuring

Releasing bad news on a Friday can be a mixed bag – it can be buried since people have better things to do on the weekend than read news articles, or it can backfire since no-one is around to deal with the speculation and issues that arise from the bad news. Because MMO players are … Continue reading

Is Naming a Studio After Mythical Example of Failure Ever A Good Idea? Icarus Studios Restructures

Icarus Studios, who is behind-but-set-Fallen-Earth-LLC-as-a-separate-entity-to-develop-Fallen-Earth, has announced a dramatic restructuring of its internal personnel. If you take Icarus’ LinkedIn as accurate, they used to have about 110 employees, which is now down to 28 core staff members plus customer service / GM staff. (Comments that “80% of staff have been laid off” often depend on … Continue reading

How Many Players Does CoH/V Have Anyway?

The core metric for assessing the size of a MMO is the number of active players. It’s a simple metric that is easy to understand and compare, even if it isn’t perfect (after all, revenue and  profitability are probably more important regardless of player base size). It’s power is such that good numbers are trumpeted … Continue reading

Fallen Earth Overview (Now That the NDA is Gone)

I’ve also been beta testing Fallen Earth. With the NDA gone… Conclusion: – An indie MMO through and through that is unlikely to get more than a niche audience. – It’s sort-of sandboxy and sort-of hardcore (travel times will kill casual play) which might have appeal to certain corners of the market. – It isn’t … Continue reading