Fallen Earth Overview (Now That the NDA is Gone)

I’ve also been beta testing Fallen Earth. With the NDA gone…


– An indie MMO through and through that is unlikely to get more than a niche audience.

– It’s sort-of sandboxy and sort-of hardcore (travel times will kill casual play) which might have appeal to certain corners of the market.

– It isn’t the prettiest title nor the most technically proficient title being released either.


– More FPS-ish than most MMOs, but the aiming feels crunchy (rather than smooth) and melee combat is a series of ugly, desyncronised animations that you aren’t sure if you’ve hit or not.

– You have to watch your ammo since you can run out.

– Lots of different weapon types, both ranged and melee. Ever wanted to attack someone with a corkscrew? Here’s your chance.


– Your character will scavenge materials from the land, buy books from vendors and can learn to create pretty much anything in the game.

– Very broad and very deep – large number of different crafting types and different items that you can craft, up to and including vehicles – but the actual crafting aspect is ‘click the button, run around for 10 minutes until you hear the BOOUNG sound’. I smile at the thought of bashing post-apoc mutant animals with a 2-by-4 while apparently also mixing up some relish at the same time.

– Crafting is much cheaper than buying and every player will probably have a crafting mule before too long to supply their main with goods.


– Characters earn APs as they level that can be invested in stats (5 APs = 1 stat point increase) or in skills (with a 1 for 1 conversion rate).

– There currently is no way to retcon AP points and it is extremely easy to gimp a character by trying to make them too versatile.

– Can have a wide variety of appearances, especially as you start customising your clothes through crafting.


– Apparently fully global chat is going to be turned off and global chat will be limited to sectors.

– It is functional but not flashy.

– Didn’t try out teaming.


– Post-apocalyptic desert is a great setting for a world that is sometimes empty.

– There are plenty of normal MMO quests that suit a title developed over 8 years.

– Beta testers had concerns that very few players had tested out endgame content. How well PvP and conflict towns actually work will be seen in open beta / release.


– There are some for longer-term quest goals.

– Not sure about collectable loot.


– Apparently a third of the world is for PvP.

– Higher level characters will pwn hard lower level characters. Gaps in AP level, equipment level and skill level can’t be overcome easily.


– There are some die-hard Fallen Earth fanbois who often seem to think that “Modern MMO players have it too easy – MMOs used to kick you in the nuts and that’s a sign of good game design!”.

– This is a game that will need to grow like EvE in terms of community size if it is going to survive.


– MMOdom’s most misleading tutorial. It’s fun, but you start with a max level character. Guess what happens at the end of the tutorial?

– Sometimes the graphics look passable, other times it will look like you’re back in 1998 and your Voodoo II is about to die.

– Animations are often very jerky. Syncronisation is a big issue.

– Major problem: if you enter an area with a lot of new buildings / textures, expect to see a massive drop in frames per second as FE loads them all up. Also expect to see a lot of things ‘pop’ in your field of view. A huge weakness of Icarus’ engine is that it appears to be bad at loading up new models / textures in the background so grinds the PC to a halt every time it hits that situation.

5 thoughts on “Fallen Earth Overview (Now That the NDA is Gone)

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  2. It has changed, at least the first part (S1) has. I haven’t been playing long but the graphics seem to have changed dramatically from what you have described from beta.

    Crafting is still a large part of this game, and I LOVE the fact that you don’t have to waste time while crafting. Set it up and go do a quest. Booung! More ammo, or whatever. Yesterday I made a transmission while killing undead, cool!

    Combat is challenging, in a good way. No ‘Auto Fighting’ you have to stay with it and make all the moves. Nothing has a gray, green, yellow, red name to tell you your chances of dying if you attack. You can see the level of the monster, but that doesn’t always tell you, I find myself stalking mobs, checking out their weapons and armor to decide if I should try it or not.

    Travel can be a bit of a drag, if your going from one end of the map to another. The horses all go the same speed, but there are a variety of viehicles that go much faster. Travel is a good opportunity to grab mats for crafting though, and scope out areas to mark on you map for return scavenging.

    All in all I guess I fit into the niche that Fallen Earth inhabits. No race to the top, well some do, but it’s not all about the end game here. Maybe that’s the difference, unlike some of the top MMORPG’s, I find myself surrounded by adults out to have a good time. Not kids whinning and scratching to the top.

    A couple of hints… don’t beg, goes over VERY badly. If you don’t know, ask. There is a chat titled ‘help’. Lots of players keep it on, and you’ll always find someone who’ll be willing to give a little advice. Share, be it nodes, supplies, advice or just time. This MMO has the nicest community I’ve ever been a part of. After all, when the world goes all to h**l, we have to stick together. Right?

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