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The Very, Very Late 2010 MMO Recap: Here Comes the New Stuff, Same As the Old Stuff

(All you have is my word that I haven’t made any substantive revisions to this document since January 30, 2011. Trust me. I’m a blogger. For a point-by-point recap of 2010, see either the January to June or the July to December articles.) 2010 was an interesting year for the MMO industry in that it … Continue reading

How Many Players Does Aion Have in Q1 2010?

I’m going to look at how City of Heroes / City of Villains faired in Q1 2010 in a little while, but news that Aion is going to be closing some servers in North America and Europe means this is a bit more pressing. NCsoft’s Q1 2010 financials are out and paint an interesting picture. … Continue reading

The (Near) Future for Paragon Studios

Given the current state of CoH/V, what does the future hold for Paragon Studios? A few things, but some haven’t been as discussed as others. Not The Sarah Palin Book Or Gay Slang The obvious ones to mention are Issue 17: Dark Mirror and Going Rogue. The Dual Pistols powerset is going through an open … Continue reading

How Many Players Does Aion Have Anyway?

As a point of comparison to CoH/V the other day, Aion earned 89 846 million Won in Q4 2009. Doing the same kind of calculation – converting Won to $US ($76.9m) using an end-of-period exchange rate, dividing that number by $15 a month x 3 for the quarter (so $45) – you end up with … Continue reading

The Power of Free (and Hence F2P)

I came across this article the other day about the power of free stuff – a free product / item / service is much more widely accepted by people than the same product / item / service that has only a minimal cost attached to it. As the article points out, the difference between free … Continue reading

How Many Players Bought Champions Online At Launch?

Massively.com recently asked the question about how important subscription numbers are to consumers. On an immediate level they probably aren’t vital, but longer-term they point to a game’s survival and potential to be a success. This is especially true for MMOs launched since 2008 – their typical active player numbers have seen sharp declines since … Continue reading

The First One Million Customers

I’ve noticed a trend worth commenting on in Western MMOs. It is only based on limited data points, but it’s worth codifying. The trend is: If you launch a AAA MMO in Western markets, you are going to attract about 1 million players at launch. My evidence: Age of Conan shipped 1.2 million boxes at … Continue reading

Key NCsoft West People Head Out the Door

Jeff Strain (ArenaNet co-founder, current President of Product Development) and David Reid (President of Publishing) have both left NCsoft West at the same time. For “unrelated reasons”. I’m not going to call DOOOOM on this, but for both to leave a month before Aion launches makes me wonder if NCsoft West is going to get … Continue reading