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Great MMO Studio Collapses of Our Time – 38 Studios

So, what’s the take-out here? Obviously the market conditions that 38 Studios launched with in 2006 were very different to those it expired under in 2012, with investors no longer interested in pouring tens of millions of dollars into MMO development. But it’s not like 38 Studios should have been strapped for cash – as identified, they had at least US$135m put into the studio. Yes, they got a single player title out, but it fell a long way short of the initial “broad media” dreams, or even releasing the promised MMO, while burning a lot of cash. Continue reading

The Hitman: Absolution Trailer Experiment

I’ve got an experiment for you – one that you can do in your very own home! Go find someone who isn’t that familiar with video games, or at least the Hitman series. Make sure they are aged 18 and over so that you don’t violate any state or Federal laws. Sit them down and … Continue reading

The Unplayed Gaming List – May 2012

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated what I’ve played and what sits on my shelf, staring balefully at me. Dispatched The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (X360): If anyone says, “You can’t put almost 130 hours into a game that you don’t enjoy!” point them this way, because despite spending that amount of time … Continue reading

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills… Somewhere: Minecraft

I thought it was interesting to see that Minecraft has made over US$80m in revenue since launching in October 2010, but ‘only’ US$13.5m in earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA). The overall revenue figure seems pretty easy to calculate – 5m paying downloads at a variety of different price points from €14.95 for … Continue reading

The Unplayed Gaming List – January 2012

Xmas has come and gone. The Xmas and post-Xmas sales have come and gone. Time to update the unplayed gaming list. Dispatched Bayonetta (X360): Finished this on Normal difficulty, started again on the next harder difficulty and have shelved the game after running into a roadblock at a particular Alfheim Portal. Might come back to … Continue reading

Looking (Again) At MMO / RPG Quest Types

A long while ago I looked at the types of quests that MMOs (and indeed, even single player RPGs) are limited to and came up with 10 different types. However, over time I’ve thought that the list was incorrect in a number of ways, especially since it didn’t consider the ‘reverse’ version of each quest … Continue reading

EA Thanks Australian Classification Board For Free Publicity

So EA Australia won’t appeal the Australian Classification Board’s decision to refuse classification to Syndicate, effectively removing its ability to be sold in Australia. And why would they? It’s sacrificing four or five figures worth of sales (at best) in Australia for the greater good of seven figure or higher sales in other countries. Getting … Continue reading