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Path Finding and Kick Starting

As previously discussed, I’m fairly cynical of Kickstarter for video game development. Backers see it as supporting something they are interested in; I see it as companies leveraging off their previous reputation and gamer hope to get money gifted to them. Because that’s what the money is: a gift. Once the pledge target is met … Continue reading

Reviewing My 2011 MMO Predictions

Time to see how right I was back when I wrote the following predictions about how things would turn MMO-wise in 2011. F2P titles continue to enter the market and other existing MMOs are likely to join them. Warhammer Online is a distinct possibility, as are titles in the position of Vanguard and Fallen Earth: … Continue reading

My Last DCUO Post For A While, Really

DC Universe Online launched on Tuesday 11 January 2011, the culmination of 5.5 years and US$50m in development costs. Barring any major events, I’m going to try to lay off direct DCUO posts for a while – I’m not playing it and yelling from the sidelines gets a bit dull. Plus, I’ve got other things … Continue reading

DCUO: Countdown to Crisis

I’m going to start 2011 the way I ended 2010: publicly wondering what is going on at Sony Online Entertainment with DC Universe Online. SOE looked to be in a pretty good place to develop DCUO – they had a larger IP than its competitors in City of Heroes / Villains and Champions Online, it … Continue reading

DC Universe Online (Now That The NDA Has Gone)

The DC Universe Online NDA has been dropped (somewhat surprisingly, since there still isn’t an official launch date) so below are my opinions based on the preorder beta. Conclusion: – If the idea of teaming up with Superman gives you a nerdgasm, DCUO may be your title. – Leveling is very quick and it is … Continue reading