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A Study in Intolerance

After years of knowing this, deep down inside, I can finally admit it: I am deeply, deeply intolerant. This intolerance manifests itself in feelings of anger, frustration and the urge to physically show these people how wrong they are. I even have a name for this intolerance (that I just made up): ludoineptiophobia. Fear of … Continue reading

Still No R18+ Consensus; Plus Stats! Stats! Stats!

There was a brief flurry of excitement among Australian gamers before Xmas when the Attorneys-General of each state met on December 10 – some of them hadn’t declared outright opposition to implementing an R18+ classification for video games! Surely it would go ahead this time! Of course it didn’t. There wasn’t outright rejection, but simply … Continue reading

No More Heroes (Or Villains)

Having followed City of Heroes since about September 2001 when it was first announced, through the Great Forum Communication Blackout of 2003, through CoH’s beta and launch in 2004, through City of Villains’ launch in 2006, through multiple free issues, through multiple paid booster packs, through 75 months worth of veteran badges, through a change … Continue reading

Why Marvel Studios Needs to Pay Up

I like superhero films. As such, I definitely appreciate that the genre is going through a good patch where budgets allow for some pretty impressive representations of what happens on the page. A sign of this change in focus has been the creation of Marvel Studios – for years Marvel was content to sell their … Continue reading

Warhammer Online Does The Worst Possible Thing

Something goes horribly, horribly wrong with Warhammer Online’s payment system and both existing and ex-players see multiple charges appear on their bank balances. Worse than that, multiple, multiple payments. Payment times ten, times twenty, or even more. You can release a bad patch, filled with bugs and game changes that everyone hates, but in the … Continue reading

Reasons to Love Faith No More, #358 & #359

#358: Wide variety in music styles – Faith No More can easily switch from a Bee Gees cover to a speed metal song. #359: Large, angry-looking tattooed men are just as happy to sing along to the Bee Gees cover as the speed metal songs at a FNM gig.