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Ruminations: The Dark Knight Rises

“The Dark Knights Rises” will get a lot of “it was good, but…” style reviews. Due to what it is, the film came burdened with a lot of expectations and not all of those could be met. This shouldn’t overshadow that it is a good movie, a 5 out of 5 stars within the superhero / comic book film pantheon. Continue reading

Australia Passes R18+ Gaming Classification, But…

… it’s only at the Federal level. It’s up to the States and Territories to then pass complementary legislation that allows the sale of R18+ titles. Are the States and Territories likely to pass such things on? It’s a good question and not one that I’ve seen get much attention. Just because the Attorneys-General decide … Continue reading

38 Studios: Striking Out

Concluding my previous look at 38 Studios and possibly how all the money got spent is the news that 38 Studios has shut down, laid everyone off (including the Big Huge Games team) and will likely now be carved up and sold in order for Rhode Island to possibly get some money back. There’s an … Continue reading

Lemony Snicket on Occupy Wall Street

Occasionally you come across writing that packs a lot into very little. Lemony Snicket’s “Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance” is an incredibly pointed and witty take on the OWS movement and reactions to it. Copied from the original just in case that disappears; all credit … Continue reading

An Open Letter To WBIE re. Mortal Kombat

Dear Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, I have noted with interest your reactions to the recent news that Mortal Kombat has been refused classification in Australia. It probably wasn’t a surprise to you in the slightest; there was a pretty high potential for a game with slo-mo bone breaking and a focus on brutal finishing moves … Continue reading