Streets of Rage 4: Getting S Rank on Hard – Level 5: Underground

Barbon - resting up after a hard day

He’s a leather-clad motorcycle rider with a big mustache. That’s pretty coded in my book. (Image sourced from: Streets of Rage Wiki)

A more specific look at getting S rank on Hard difficulty for Level 5 – Underground for Streets of Rage 4.

The boss of this stage is Barbon, a biker who is my least favourite fight of this game. That he seems to ‘armour’ up after every attack makes this fight go on much longer than it should.

Barbon also appears to be coded as, if not gay, then a big fan of Freddie Mercury. This does follow in the foot steps of the infamous Ash in “Streets of Rage 3” / “Bare Knuckle 3”, although Barbon is not as obviously offensive. 

I could be wrong, but that’s a lot of coding for it to be a coincidence. 


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