Streets of Rage 4: Getting S Rank on Hard – Level 2: Police Precinct

A more specific look at getting S rank on Hard difficulty for Level 2 – Police Precinct for Streets of Rage 4.

There’s an interesting shift in the position of characters in the “Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle” series. In the first game, all playable characters – Axel, Blaze and Adam – are ‘good’ cops forced to act due to the criminal corruption around them. By the first sequel, Axel works in private security, Adam is still a cop (but kidnapped by the Syndicate), and Blaze is… dear god… a dance teacher.

By the second sequel, Axel and Blaze may or may not be cops based on which version you play and Adam is non-playable but works for the authorities. And in “Streets of Rage 4” Axel is living as a martial arts hermit, Blaze has been kicked out of the police force for punching other cops and Adam is part of a Special Forces police team.

Which is to say: it must just be awkward being these characters at the Wood Oak City Police Christmas Party.


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