Scenes Through A YouTube Window: The Witcher – Introduction


It's Geralt of Rivia. He seems to be missing his second sword though.

Everyone’s favourite fast-healing mutant blade wielder, Geralt of Rivia.

They are constantly used in video games as a promo to the game itself and something to watch the very first time you load up the game, but are quickly consigned to the dustbin of history after that. Which is a waste of effort in a lot of ways, but also a bit disappointing as some are very good and should be remembered.

Every so often (read: when I haven’t got a longer post ready) I’ll post up a cinematic I really like that shouldn’t need a lot of extra explanation. I’m going to start with the introduction to The Witcher, which beside being a great cinematic by itself (CD Projekt deserves kudos for how well it does these kind of things) it is also a great introduction to the character of Geralt and his world. Even if you know nothing about the character, this intro is solid enough to let you know the most important aspects about the character.

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