Dead Island: Where Creative and Design Clash

A wonderful trailer for the long-in-gestation zombie title Dead Island was released a few days ago – it manages to portray the terror of zombie invasion in a very artful way.

It’s a bit gory, but it is a very well crafted trailer that shifts the focus away from how awesome zombie killing is to how it is a horrible fight for survival:

In seeing that, I thought that Dead Island might be taking a different tack from other zombie games, making it somehow more personal for the player instead of a whack-a-zombie marathon. And then I read:

“Of all the features Deep Silver showed off, they seemed the most excited about how we’ll be able to kill zombies. The main thing they want people to take away from Dead Island is all the gory ways you’ll be able to kill the walking dead. You can chop a zombie’s legs and arms off and just watch him as he flops around trying to gnaw at your ankles.”

Whack-a-zombie it is then. Guess if you’ve spent years working on a system to show real-time multi-layer damage to the zombie face the player is sticking a knife in, you want to show it off.

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