The Video Games of History: Beyond the Ice Palace (C64)

I’ve spoken about nostalgia before – ultimately, the passing of time and all the things tied up with that time  (as well as how the brain works) makes recall of experiences less reliable that people might like.

This was driven home to me in watching the YouTube playthough of a Commodore 64 title I used to own (sometime after 1988 on cassette!): Beyond the Ice Palace. My memories of this title is that neither my brother or I ever finished it. It was just too hard, with the witch killing us every time we met her. However, the game was long and interesting and even got decent reviews for being a “playable and polished Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins variant” although pretty hard.

The YouTube video finishes the game in a shade under 6 minutes. The witch was the final boss and the ‘You Win!’ screen is gone in seconds. It’s not a very long game at all.

Old video games: not as good as you remember them to be.

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