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Great MMO Company Collapses of Our Time – Flaghip Studios

If you selected this option, congratulations – you decided to back Flagship Studios! Flagship Studios Deceased Games: Hellgate: London, Mythos Studio Launch Date: 2004 / 2005-ish Studio Closure Date: August 2008 Invested In By: Independent investors, publishing partnerships such as Hanbitsoft, financial services company Comerica Estimated Money Blown: Unknown, but the title spent around 4 … Continue reading

APB: Well, Since Everyone Else Is Doing It…

The failure of All Points Bulletin is a current hot topic, especially since it looks to have pretty much destroyed the generally well-regarded developer Real Time Worlds. A great look at this toppling can be seen at GameBrief – the only thing that appears wrong are claims that APB only sold around 10k copies, whereas … Continue reading